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Based in North Burnaby near Vancouver BC, IMPrESS Perio Implant Center is an established multispecialty dental practice. Our specialists practice a full scope of periodontics, prosthodontics and digital dentistry with expertise ranging from gum disease treatment, periodontal maintenance, dental implants, conventional and implant-supported dentures, All-on-4, full mouth reconstruction, smile makeover, porcelain veneers and crowns to plastic aesthetic periodontal and implant microsurgeryaesthetic crown lengtheninggum grafting, Pinhole gum rejuvenation, bone augmentation, and other regenerative therapiesDr. Noroozi and his team can now correct a wide variety of periodontal defects by regenerating bone and soft tissue structures lost by trauma or disease. We work as a team of distinguished specialists to deliver long-lasting, functional, and aesthetic results. Why Choose Us?

Computer Guided Dental Implants Burnaby Vancouver BC

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved. For more information about dental implants or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in Burnaby, BC at 604-733-4867. How Do I Find A Dental Implant Expert in Vancouver BC?  

Teeth-In-One-Day, All-ON-4 Dental Implants, Fixed Full Arch Implants in Burnaby & Vancouver

The fixed teeth on four dental implants is a cost-efficient and graft less solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch teeth on the day of surgery. This is a minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch implant restoration for high patient satisfaction, Fixed (Non-removable) Same-Day-Teeth, providing immediate function and aesthetics. Characteristics include:

  • Full-arch rehabilitation with only four implants 
    Two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior
  • Immediate Function (fixed provisional bridge)
    For patients meeting criteria for immediate loading of implants
  • Graftless procedure
    Bone grafting is avoided by tilting the posterior implants, utilizing available bone

Digital Workflow and 3D Imaging for Implant Planning, Placement & Restoration

One of the main advantages of the full digital workflow is the simplicity of accurately diagnosing and virtually planning the implant position using the digital intra-oral scan and cone beam computed tomography data. This in turn allows the fabrication of an accurate surgical implant guide that enables the placement of the implant fixtures in a simplified and predictable manner. The digital implant workflow begins with the intra-oral scanning of the pre-surgical area. Once the placement position of the virtual implant has been determined to ensure they are at the ideal angulation, location, and depth to support optimal prosthetic results, a surgical guide can be designed. Digital impressions with an intra-oral scanner can also be utilized in the restorative phase of the implant workflow. We use the most recent digital innovations to digitally plan implant placement and restoration to achieve the most predictable and esthetic outcome.

Plastic Aesthetic Periodontal Surgery Burnaby Vancouver BC 

Dr. Noroozi has experience treating a variety of aesthetic cases through periodontal plastic surgery. Examples include uneven gum lines (gummy smiles), exposed roots, including jawbone and gum indentations caused by tooth loss. These procedures are a predictable way to cover unsightly, sensitive, or exposed root surfaces and to prevent future gum recession. If you are unhappy with the appearance of short unsightly teeth this can be greatly improved. For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in BurnabyBC at 604-733-4867.

BIOLASE WaterLase™ Laser Gum Therapy in Burnaby Vancouver BC

While we still offer traditional gum surgery because it is safe and effective, Dr. Noroozi also provides you with an alternative, laser gum surgery. Laser gum surgery treats your gum disease without incisions or sutures, removing bacteria with less discomfort and downtime. Give us a call to book your risk-free consultation appointment at 604-733-4867.

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