3D CT-Scan

Cone Beam CT Scanning & Virtual Implant Planning

Dental CT 3D imaging is the standard of care in dental implantology.  This 3D radiographic image provides a detailed mapping of the anatomy so that implants can be placed more quickly, more accurately, and with a much higher level of comfort and safety. Quality, predictability, and reliability of treatment is our priority at IMPrESS Perio Implant Center. In implant dentistry, we are able to provide all that with the use of the CT scan and planning software in our office. 

Dental CT Scan Vancouver Burnaby BC
Vancouver Periodontist Dental Implant Centre IMPrESS Perio Implant Center Dr. Noroozi

Intraoral Scanner for Digital Impression

Digital impressions represent cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using optical scanning devices. The digital technology captures clear and highly accurate impression data in mere minutes, without the need for traditional impression materials that some patients find inconvenient and messy. Many patients find digital impressions an easier and more comfortable procedure because traditional impression materials are avoided. The impression information then is transferred to a computer and used to create restorations, often without the need for stone models.

Digital Implant Dentistry in Burnaby BC, IMPrESS Perio Implant Center